Young Glory November 2015 Brief: We need people to realize the implication of driving fatigued on short trips. Develop an idea that sits at the heart of a fully integrated plan that is spread through a combination of owned, earned, shared and paid connection points.


Uber has significantly reduced the number of drunk driving accidents. With the introduction of UberNaps on
March 13 ­– the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, when Americans lose an hour of sleep – fatigued driving accidents can be reduced in the same way.

Through a partnership with Fitbit, you will now be able to request a ride at a discounted rate based on the amount of restful sleep you got the night before. If you are in fact too tired to drive, an Uber discount code pops up in the app. 

In addition to getting people to their destinations safely, UberNaps allows riders to get some much-needed rest. Thanks to a partnership with Tuft & Needle, UberNaps vans throughout the city will be equipped with beds for a “bedroom on wheels” nap experience. 

Often fatigued co-creator: Heather Robertson