From a young age, there was only one certainty: I was going to be the next great NBA point guard.
Even today, as I enter my thirties, I still expect the commissioner to call my name during the NBA Draft.

But that’s just me, a dreamer. It’s one of the great things about me. I won’t let my aversion to exercise or never having played in an organized basketball league stomp on my dreams. Do you think I care if after numerous failed dunk attempts in the driveway that I was on a first name basis with my doctor?


“Doc McDreamcrusher” taught me the valuable lesson of quitting when you suck at things.

And so I did. Sucking at something? Quit! Sucking at some other things? Quit!
Have you ever cooked on the barbecue? Yeah, I sucked at that too, and I think you get the picture.

I’m a firm advocate of sticking with what you’re good at. Take Michael Jordan for instance – great at basketball, switches to baseball and sucks, sticks with what he’s good at and returns to the NBA. That’s why he should be everybody’s hero, regardless of being a degenerate gambler.

I learned what my talents were from sucking. For example, one talent I possess is taking NBA tidbits and creating inspirational stories out of them. My other talent is writing, which according to my mother, “I’m practically a genius at.” Suffice it to say, she provided me with the gift of a very high self-esteem.

So, hello. My name is Corey Leifker, and I’m a writer.